Notice on the online operation of trademark registration certificate publicity system


In order to make reform measures to facilitate trademark registration workable and practicable, our Office established the trademark registration certificate publicity system and meanwhile made electronic trademark registration certificate accessible on line. Now the relevant matters are announced as below:


 Trademark registration certificate publicity system is planned to be put into operation on line on November 27th, 2018, and it is accessible for the general public to check and use by logging on the CTMO since then. And the system is used to publicize the general information of certificates such as :trademark registration certificate, priority certificate, trademark change, assignment and renewal. And the public can search by using the trademark registration number, the applicant name and trademark name to know the content and effectiveness of the above mentioned documents. And the public can link to the trademark registration certificate publicity system to check its content and effectiveness by scanning the two-dimensional code on the trademark registration certificate after the code is added on the certificate by our Office.


Hereby declare                                 

                                              The Trademark Office of National Intellectual Property Administration,PRC


                                                  November 26th, 2018

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