Beijing Gaowo goes into Liulingzui spirit industry and helps it with the IP protection.

According to the mission of layouting the Intellectual Property protection in accordance with the subject’s current situation, the “IP help +” team of Gaowo went to take part in the intellectual property publicity campaign organized by Liulingzui Brewing Co., Ltd of China Juli Group at invitation on October 13th this year. The senior IP lawyers and patent agents of Gaowo led by the principal of Liulingzui visited its underground spirit sea and investigated ancient spirit brewery and had a better idea of its enterprise culture. And we made the customized IP protection plans for Liulingzui through face to face communication.

Established as the Liulingzui cooking pot of spirit in 1126 AD during Jin Yuan period, Liulingzui Brewing Co. LTD has brewed spirit for nearly a thousand years and becomes one of the earliest origins of distilled spirits in China and is chosen to be an important heritage site under state protection.


After investigation, the senior IP lawyers and patent agents praised Liulingzui repeatedly for its enterprise culture and ancient spirit brewery and gave effective suggestions for establishing a complete intellectual property protection system after detailed analysis of its brand protection and patent layout.


The detailed explanations and effective suggestions of the IP experts from Gaowo won the approval and recognition of the principal of Liulingzui who expects for deeper communication and cooperation with us in IP protection in the future.

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