What are they plotting when more than 120 enterprise leaders gathered in Taiyuan, Shanxi province.

The “IP gratitude tour” of Gaowo IP academy came to Taiyuan Station on May 30th, and held a special training session about ”High-quality Patent Technology Disclosure and Claims Writing” for more than 120 enterprise leaders. The IP experts from Gaowo, former patent examiner with the state intellectual property office and the 120 enterprise leaders got together and communicate and talk freely about intellectual property and patent protection.


From the perspective of the whole process, the former patent examiner introduced in detail the writing skills of Technology Disclosure and Claims. And the meeting is full of high-quality knowledge.

The participating enterprise representatives and IP management personnel were satisfied with the explanation of the teacher and said they benefit a lot and knew lots of professional knowledge from this session, which is helpful for bettering patent layout and protection in the future. And they expect for another training session held by Gaowo academy.

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