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On September 27th, the cipac+ member activity -- "Enterprise Patent Attack and Defense Strategy" Seminar, sponsored by Intellectual Property Press Co., Ltd., and supported by Beijing Gaowo Law Firm as a strategic partner, was successfully held in Beijing.

The conference was full of highlights. Wang Wei, head of patent policy of Tencent, and Wu Jie, head of patent department of Gaode Business Group of Alibaba Group respectively delivered keynote speeches. Mr. Chen Jianmin, senior consultant, lawyer, patent agent and director of litigation business of Beijing Gaowo Law Firm, delivered a speech as the host representative. Lawyer Gu Xiaoyan in Gaowo held a round table meeting to discuss the related topics of enterprise patent attack and defense strategy!

Ren Li, Deputy Director of the International Department of Intellectual Property Publishing Co., Ltd., and Liu Lindong, Senior partner of Gaowo Law Firm, delivered speeches at the event. Ren Li pointed out that China's economy is shifting from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development, and the requirements of accelerating industrial transformation also put forward higher requirements for enterprise innovation and intellectual property work. In order to stand out in the increasingly competitive market, enterprises need to build a comprehensive and continuous patent strategy towards their products and business solutions.

Liu Lindong pointed out that we coincided to meet the best of times with the intellectual property law profession in China. With the revision of the patent law and the development of the judicial law, and the long-standing series problems of patent right protection "difficult to obtain evidence, long cycle, high cost, low compensation" are solved step by step. The discussion on "the enterprise patent offensive and defensive strategy" will be very meaningful!

Topic:  Related regulations and typical cases of standard essential patent

Speaker: Wang Wei, head of patent policy at Tencent

Wang Wei, head of patent policy of Tencent, put forward some thoughts on "what is the value of patents, the value of standards, and the value of standard necessary patents", and introduced the topic of "high-value patents" during the interaction with the participants. Then he introduced the "Related regulations and typical cases of standard essential patent" from the macro perspective, and introduced the patent operation issues in China.

What kind of patents are of high value may vary from company to company, and this is a question that is worth thinking about by many enterprises. Standard essential patent is a very important, high-leveled, standard and patent combined and the embodiment of the "real high-valued patent". Enterprises need to consider the situation of investment and income with combination of their own situation to formulate patent layout and related strategies in detail.

Topic: Technology innovation and patents of Alibaba Group

Speaker: Patent director of Gaode business Group in Alibaba Group   Wu Jie

Wu Jie, Patent director of Gaode business Group in Alibaba Group, shared the patent layout, investment and operation situation of Alibaba Group in the process of scientific and technological innovation, so that everyone could have a better understanding of the patent operation concept of excellent enterprises from an intuitive perspective, and provided a model for everyone to learn from.

In fiscal 2022, Alibaba's technology-related costs exceeded 120 billion yuan. It set up seven research centers around the world, laid out more than 16 underlying technology fields, and obtained more than 10,000 global invention patents authorized in strategic emerging industries. In the past three years, more than 60% of Alibaba's patent investment has been focused on core technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and chips. In terms of patent attack and defense strategies, Wu Jie's experience is that attack and defense strategies need to be dynamically adjusted with the development of the enterprise. "Attack is the opportunity to defend, and defense is the strategy to attack, and both of them will result in victory". Good connection between attack and defense will enable you to take the initiative in both attack and defense.

Topic: Types of patent litigation and prevention of patent infringement
Speaker: Chen Jianmin, Senior consultant, lawyer, patent agent and Director of litigation business of Beijing Gaowo Law Firm
Combining her 38 years of patent agency experience and 30 years of lawyer practice experience, Miss. Chen Jianmin explained two types of litigation in patent litigation, standard necessary patent and ordinary patent. Through specific cases, she explained six strategies to prevent patent infringement in detail combined with real examples that she represented.
To grow bigger and stronger, a start-up enterprise must respect the innovation of others. Pay close attention to the development trends, new achievements and new products of competitor's in the research and development process, and pay attention to search and analysis. Conduct comparison and analysis with competing products before putting the new product on the market to determine whether there are risks. If there are risks, do a good job of avoiding design. Of course, you can also take invalid action against competitor's patent, and conducting patent licensing and other strategies to prevent patent infringement!

Round table discussion: Enterprise patent attack and defense strategy

Host: Gu Xiaoyan, Lawyer of Beijing Gaowo Law Firm

The guests:

 Mu Wei

General Manager of Ping 'an Pingbo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

 Yang Xiaosheng

Technical Director of China Resources Double-crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Lei Ji

Intellectual Property Manager of Glodon Company Limited

Wang Fengyan

IPR of Walsn Energy Technology (Langfang) Co., Ltd.


In the round table forum, the participants discussed the theme of "enterprise patent attack and defense strategy". The enterprise representatives expressed their feelings directly and put forward the patent operation problems encountered in the daily operation of enterprises. The participating enterprises and guests carried out in-depth discussion on this, which provided feasible ideas for the development of enterprise patent attack and defense strategy. Mu Wei, General Manager of Ping'an Pingbo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a partner of Gaowo, said his company is a technology-based start-ups providing parking solutions, and is currently conducting the work related to patent layout. Through this meeting, he learned a lot. Especially the interpretation of the professional patent knowledge in simple terms given by lawyer Chen benefited him a lot, which made enterprise work more targeted in the future patent layout.

Yang Xiaosheng, head of technology at China Resources Double-crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a partner of Gaowo, said that pharmaceutical companies have been affected in recent years, but China Resources has gone in the opposite direction and increased investment in research and development. The participant feeling was quite deep this time and the explanation of teacher Wang Wei at Tencent was particularly admired.

After the round table discussion, the conference was successfully concluded, and many sparks of intellectual property innovative thinking were struck. Gaowo sincerely thanks the leaders of Intellectual Property Press Co., Ltd. and all the guests attending the meeting. We hope that this activity will bring practical help to the formulation of enterprise patent strategy and intellectual property protection.

Gaowo will continue to practice the mission of "solving problems for customers wholeheartedly", strive to build comprehensive, multi-dimensional and in-depth intellectual property legal services, and help enterprises to provide more professional and thorough intellectual property services.





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