Is a trademark useless? This trademark is pledged for a loan of 300 million yuan!

As the IPR protection awareness in China is strengthened and the value of IP is gradually reflected, brand thinking began to become the leading thought of entrepreneurs' management and development. And the potential value of a trademark is also being explored.

Who would think of that an enterprise which is financially difficult should survive a crisis due to its trademark is pledged successfully.

A small trademark, a hundred million yuan

The “宏益” trademark is pledged for a loan of 33 million yuan.

Harbin Hongyi Group pledged the famous trademark in Heilongjiang province“宏益” at the Heilongjiang acceptance point of registered trademark pledge registration of State Administration of Industry and Commerce Trademark Office for a loan of 33 million yuan. And Harbin Hongyi Group is the first one in Harbin to obtain a loan through pledging a trademark.

The “华亚中纺” trademark is pledged for a loan of 120 million yuan.

Huaya Chemical Fiber Co. LTD in Jiangsu province is a private enterprise engaged in textile manufacturing. And in 2015, its trademark “华亚中纺” was registered successfully and strive for a famous mark in Jiangsu province.

In addition, the Huaya Chemical pledged its six trademarks including “华亚中纺” to the bank in 2016 for three-year long-term loan, nearly 120 million yuan, which is one of the largest trademark pledge loan cases.

The “燎原” trademark is pledged for a loan of 300 million yuan.

Gansu Evening News reported on June 20 that the Gannan Liaoyuan Dairy Co. LTD obtained a loan of 300 million yuan through pledging the “燎原” trademark. And it provided new impetus for the development of the company.

A trademark is valued at 100 million yuan.

In October, 2014, the registered mark “景瑞” of Jingrui Agriculture was determined as a famous trademark which is the first well-known mark on fresh vegetable agricultural by-products. And in March, 2015, the mark “景瑞” was valued at 109.88 million yuan by a Beijing-based asset appraisal company.

In July, 2015, Jingrui Agriculture received the first loan of 20 million yuan through pledging the mark. And Jingrui Agriculture put the capital into improving the food production plant and obtained continuous capital support. And the capital obtained after the trademark pledged is a life-saving straw for the Jingrui Agriculture and helped the company survive the bottle-neck period.


Trademark pledge financing becomes a new way of enterprise financing

To pledge a trademark for a loan, to put it simply, is that the legal representative pledge its registered marks to banks for loans. Of course, the pledged marks should be registered, because only a registered trademark enjoys exclusive rights.

As the logo of enterprise products and services, the value of trademarks is not limited to showing the brand.As companies grow, the value of trademarks rises as well.The development of trademarks is no longer limited to protecting their own brands against risks, and the value and benefits created by trademarks in the future will be immeasurable.



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