The “Cloud” program of National Intellectual Property Publicity Week in 2020 was launched

The “Cloud” program of National Intellectual Property Publicity Week in 2020 was launched

Post time: 2020-04-20

The “Clouds” opens and resonates with the “Screen”. On the morning of April 20, the opening ceremony of “Cloud” program of National Intellectual Property Publicity Week in 2020 was launched online. The State Councilor Wang Yong made important comments on the publicity week.

Shen Changyu, the director of publicity week committee, the director of State Intellectual Property Office, and Francis Gurry, the secretary-general of WIPO delivered a speech online. Members of the Propaganda Department of Central Committee, Supreme people’s Court, Ministry of Public Security, the Department of Commerce, Health Commission, National Forestry and Grassland Administration, China Association for Science and Technology made video speeches.

The theme of this year's national intellectual property publicity week is "Intellectual Property and A Healthy China", which is jointly organized by 20 Ministries and Commissions including the Intellectual Property Office, the General Administration of Market Regulation and the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. The launching ceremony of the publicity week was held online, which not only met the current needs of COVID 19 epidemic prevention and control, but also expanded the participation of the publicity week.

China (Wuhan) Intellectual Property Protection Center on behalf of the country's 30 intellectual property protection centers, issued to the whole society to strengthen the protection of intellectual property in the field of health, promote the innovative development of the health industry initiative. Representatives of medical staff, media journalists, intellectual property practitioners, representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises, primary and secondary school students and other people from all walks of life told their minds about "intellectual property rights and healthy China".

During the publicity week, each member unit of the organizing committee will organize nearly 50 publicity activities in various forms. Among them, the Intellectual Property Office and the National Copyright Administration will jointly hold a press conference on China's Intellectual Property Development in 2019 at the State Council Office. The State Administration for Market Regulation will issue a progress report on intellectual property protection and the business environment in China. The National Copyright Administration will host the fifth China Internet copyright protection and development conference. The Supreme People's Court will issue an annual report on intellectual property cases; The Supreme People's Procuratorate will release an overview of its work on intellectual property protection. The Ministry of Science and Technology will carry out special activities to promote policies related to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will launch an analysis of patents in key areas of manufacturing.

The Ministry of Public Security will release typical cases of cracking down on intellectual property crimes. The Ministry of Justice will organize intellectual property law publicity and education activities; The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will carry out typical publicity on the protection of new varieties of plants;

The National Health Commission will organize a symposium on the application of intellectual property rights to help scientific research on epidemic prevention and control. The Customs General Administration will organize the centralized destruction of infringing goods; National Forestry and Grassland Administration will showcase intellectual property achievements and highlights in the field of forestry and grass. The Intellectual Property Office will hold an Open Day; China Association for Science and Technology will hold the enterprise patent strategy cloud class. Around the theme of the week, thousands of unique publicity and popularization activities will be held to further enhance the awareness of intellectual property rights in the whole society.

The launching ceremony of the publicity week was broadcast on the official website of the state intellectual property office, and some members of the organizing committee of the publicity week were simultaneously broadcast on the official website of the People's Daily and China Daily.


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