Announcement about providing free IP services for front line medical workers who fight against covid-19

In current stages, people in China unite together to fight against the corona virus outbreak. As the heroes fighting on the front line, medical workers are defending our country and our people with their flesh and blood in the war without smoke of gunpowder. And unfortunately several medical workers have died. So in order to respond to the call of the CPC central committee and the state council to help win the difficult and tough battle, our Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC) sent the initial written proposal about providing free IP services for the medical workers fighting on the front line against the covid-19 to all the members of IP services institutions on February 8th, 2020. And the relevant members responded positively and signed up to show their willingness to provide free IP services for the majority of the medical workers fighting against the covid-19.


After the qualification examination and selection of our Association, the relevant institutions and services are hereby announced as follows:


  1. The list of service institutions (sorted by bopomofo)
  2. The free services content

    A.Search the legal status of patent, trademark and copyright, etc for the front-line medical workers.(2500 pieces);

    B. Provide consulting services related to patents, trademarks, copyrights and so on for front-line medical workers (2200 pieces);

    C.Provide the retrieval account resources of the patent database to the front-line medical workers;(600 pieces)

    D.Provide intellectual property rights protection scheme for front-line medical workers(300 pieces)

    E. Provide agency services of patent application, trademark application, copyright application and other applications for front-line medical workers(1600 pieces for patent and 100 pieces for trademark and software copyright)


    3. Service time span

    February 13th, 2020 to January 1st, 2021



  3. The ways to be identified as a medical worker fighting against covid-19
  4. Front line medical workers can provide any written evidences(including a personal written declaration) of their participation in the fight against covid-19.


    Intellectual property administrative departments at all levels may also collect the needs of qualified medical workers in their respective areas and submit them to our Association.


    And our Association will organize the relevant service agencies to provide high-quality intellectual property services

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